Facebook is Paris and supports France. Why not Syria?

After recent terrorist attacks in Paris, the world started to be wrapped up in French flag. The Tricolore showed up across the globe from New York City, Berlin to Sydney, Prague and more.[1][2] Online world is not an exception. Facebook launched an app allowing users to superimpose French Tricolore on their profile picture with just two mouse clicks.

Editor’s note: This text is a liberal translation of an article in Czech language. On 23rd November 2015 the Facebook app was disabled and its profile picture was changed back to previous version without French Tricolore.

On 14th November 2015 Facebook superimposed French Tricolore on its profile picture due to recent terrorist attacks in Paris. Facebook wrote: „We stand together. ‪#‎JeSuisParis‬“.[3][4]

If someone of your friends used the app, you could see her or his profile picture with French Tricolore saying „Change your profile picture to support France and the people of Paris.“ and with „Try It“ button.

If you clicked on the button „Try It„, a window popped up, you just needed to click on „Use as Profile Picture“ and that’s it. You could also choose when your profile picture would be changed back to previous version without French Tricolore. See this picture.

We saw Facebook prefering France to Syria or to any other country hit by terrorist attacks. It wanted us to support France and the people of Paris. Many people asked: Why only France? Why not for example Syria?

Take a look at Facebook’s profile pictures.[5] We don’t see any flag except the French flag and the LGBT flag.

There is one „Paris“ a day in Syria

Tens of thousands died in Syria during last four years of conflict. Let’s find out, how many people died per day.

On 15th January 2015 the United Nations (UN) said: „[In Syria] 220,000 people have been killed and 1 million wounded.[6]

If we divide this number by the number of days between 15th March 2011 (it is said to be the start of the Syrian conflict) and 15th January 2015 (when the UN published the aforementioned number of people killed in Syria), we get number 156.

Each day during the Syrian conflict have been killed 156 people on average. On 13th November 2015 attackers in Paris killed 129 people.[7]

Question the Facebook

Given Facebook’s preference I asked facebook page Facebook: „Hi, can I ask, why only Paris? In Syria, there is one Paris every day for last few years (number of deaths per day in average).[3][4]

I didn’t get any answer. However, Facebook did answer to questions like „How to do this??“ or „How can I remove the overlay if it is still there?

Choose your flag

Do you want to paint your photo in the colors of your favorite country’s flag? Use this app.

I have a dream that one day we will see Facebook app allowing us to support not only France and the people of Paris, but also to support other victims or places hit by terrorist attacks.

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